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The two jokers who own that hospital need to be committed. How they call themselves animal doctors is beyond me.

They will tell you anything to get your money. I took my little poodle there - so sick. The gal veterinarian, Debbie, took one look and said he needed iv, xrays, tests. $1200.00 later she said oh seems he just had a stomach ache.

I raised heck about that. So the husband, also a "doctor" and I do use that name jokingly, told me to get out of their hospital.

The wife doctor then came at me raising her fist. You better believe I left that place and I am telling everyone about them.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Youngsville, Louisiana, United States #775201

I am becoming increasingly disappointed with the level of care, knowledge, compassion, services, and attitudes.

Something has gone seriously awry and I have spent plenty, so that is not the reason for the lack of knowledge and dedication.

Are there any other 24 hour clinics or even dedicated vets in the area who would see you after hours if need be? I need to find one. You know, the dog never swallows that sock during regular business hours!!

Deland, Florida, United States #660145

I tried them once. I have 3 cats and the idea that they had 24 hour emergency service (without having to go to Daytona Beach) seemed like a good thing.

My husband and I walked in with one cat who was having some dental problems and we were ignored from the time we walked in although we had an appointment. A tech finally took us into a treatment room and took Shadow's temperature and then left - we waited more than 20 minutes and when I went to reception to ask about the delay I was given some kind of excuse about "when we have an emergency...".

There was no emergency going on, I certainly could have understood that. They're just inefficient and incompetent.

We walked out and didn'tpay them a cent.

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