First of all, any posts degrading the West Volusia Humane Society, Deland Police and certain City of Deland, Fl employees,Deland Animal Hospital are NOT BEING POST BY ME. There have been many posts by several people under ASSUMED names with letters and numbers THAT INCLUDE MY NAME.

They do not have the guts to POST THEIR REAL NAMES & meet face to face. They are cowards that are what appears to be blinded by some loyalty/ attachment to a "Animal RESCUE" Charity in Deland that had MULTIPLE NEGLECT/ abuse CHARGES LEVIED AGAINST THEM AS WELL AS FIRE CODE VIOLATIONS. IT DID MAKE TV NEWS last fall. OVER 130+ ANIMALS IN DEPLORABLE CONDITION.

THEY HAD OVER 3 MONTHS TO CLEAN UP AND COME TO CODE. I still remember the comments on TV as stated by multiple station reporters, "You can smell it from here". They were on the street and sidewalk.That's neglect.

Go after them. I really believe they do not "SAVE".

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Deland, Florida, United States #726690

Karen K Clark is notorious in DeLand for getting involved in animal rescue organizations then running them into the ground. She posted the comment above.

She wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face. She is a danger to animals and a friend of DELAND ANIMAL HOSPITAL, the worst two vets in Florida. Macphail is on probation for killing a dog and falsifying records in his computer.

The woman vet, Debra, is paranoid. STAY AWAY.

And anything you read about West Volusia Humane Society is true - Gloria Thomas has been on the take for decades and her husband Gary Thomas, animal control officer for DeLand, feeds her dogs to sell.

Clermont, Florida, United States #662850

The real Karen Clark is a loud mouth enemey of animal rescue groups. She starts groups to get money for herself.

You wouldn't believe what she did to Journeys End.

She cannot be trusted. A brash rather *** person.

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